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Automate your business transactions with our smart contract development services

Smart Contract Development Services Company

Smart contracts are protocols that execute a specific task based on satisfying the pre-defined conditions. The smart contracts are built on top of the blockchain framework, making them inherit the decentralized, tamper-proof, immutable, P2P transactions. These digitized smart contracts are reliable, efficient, long-lasting, accessible, and cuts-off the traditional paperwork, transaction costs, intermediary intervention, and disputes.

Our team of blockchain experts renders the best smart contract development services with advanced automation and transaction features. We build smart contracts for every industry from scratch with customized use-cases and algorithms.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

N2Group blockchain experts are used to solidity and its nuances. We can build, audit, and launch your customized smart contract protocols effortlessly to automate your deals.

EOS Smart Contract Development

Enhance your application’s transaction speed, scalability, accessibility, and automated process modules with our EOS smart contract development services.

Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

We have experimented a lot in hyperledger fabric to deploy smart contracts. We suggest high-value data sectors to build protocols on the hyperledger platform!

What Blockchain Smart Contract Development Services do we offer?


Enjoy the benefits of a lucrative business by utilizing our smart contract MLM solutions. Our MLM software enhances efficiency, optimal performance, and scalability in your business with automated smart contract protocols.


Globalizing and automating your business process is now easier with DApps. We build customized smart contracts for your business needs from scratch without forking the existing code base.


Decentralized exchanges are built with automated smart contracts to enrich the privacy, security, and immutability of transactions. Our Solidity experts develop your smart contract exchanges with high-end security features and customization.


N2Group builds top-notch smart contract solutions to establish a decentralized finance system(DeFi). You can process transactions, loans, claims, and settlements with our hassle-free automated smart contracts by reducing workforce and processing time.


The growing popularity of digital money pushes users to leverage digital wallets despite the type of currency. Our team builds flawless automated smart contract protocols and high-end security features to avoid disputes in wallet transactions.

Industrial Smart Contracts

Every industrial unit heads to the next-gen business process with automation. Our blockchain experts build industry-based smart contract protocols with immense functionalities such as ownership transfers, quality inspection, and much more.

Contract Architecture

With years of technical expertise and hands-on experience, our blockchain developers could guide you through the smart contracts' workflow. We do help you in designing a successful smart contract development roadmap.


Our quality engineers assure 90% line coverage for the developed smart contract applications. You can hire our test engineers to audit your smart contract applications and implement them without any potential losses.


N2Group quality assurance team optimizes your smart contract applications to reduce potential assets loss or data breach. Optimizing your smart contracts, in turn, reduces the loss of crypto coins in the native apps.

Benefits of Smart Contract Protocols

Transparency in deals
Devoid of intermediaries
Accuracy in compliances
Consensus deal
Disputeless transaction

Why Smart Contracts for the next-gen business model?

Digitized Contracts

The new-age smart contracts are accessible and secure than traditional paper agreements and documents for huge asset values.


Unlike traditional contracts, the blockchain smart contracts can be customized with other functionalities such as quality inspection, automation norms, etc.


The smart contract protocols are built on top of the blockchain ledger, making it cryptographically encrypted and tamper-proof.


Smart contracts promote P2P transactions, thereby cutting-off the transaction costs incurred by the centralized organizations and intermediaries in the processes.

How does Smart Contract Development help businesses?

Smart Contract Development
  • Next-Gen Business Value
    The digital age demands paperless and round the clock accessible contracts for businesses. Smart contracts can fulfill this purpose with efficiency & security.
  • Accuracy
    Immutability and consensus governance enhances the accuracy of compliances in a transaction with smart contracts.
  • Secure
    Cryptographic hashing and P2P transactions in smart contract protocols defend the data hacks in your business process.
  • Immutable
    The smart contracts deployed on the blockchain network are immutable, and hence there are no disputes among the entities.
  • Autonomous
    The miner's community governs the blockchain smart contracts, and hence there are no central authorities or third-party intervention in the transactions.

N2Group Smart Contract Development Roadmap



Our business development team connects with you to understand the requirements and gets approval.


Picking the technology base

Business analysts discuss with the technical team and client to finalize the best-suited backend technology.



The teams foresee the technical requirements, hindrances in the development process, and discuss with BA’s to set the deadlines for every phase.


Nurturing from roots

Our developers can carve out the customized blockchain framework from scratch as per your business needs without leveraging the open-source libraries.


Upgrading from open-source network

Some businesses keep their blockchain development simple by utilizing the open-source blockchain network. We do master in upgrading from existing networks.


Elegant User-interface

Users love to glide through the application user-interface with no hurdles. So, we design an intuitive, elegant user-interface for your blockchain platform.


Audit & Fixes

Our quality assurance engineers audit the developed blockchain framework in every nook and corner for bugs with regression testing, followed by appropriate fixes.



N2Group proudly presents the developed blockchain framework to you and helps you launch the platform for the community to use.


Round the clock support & update

Our team supports you after the launch of the blockchain platform as we understand it's hard to manage initially in real-time. We stand by you to upgrade with market trends.

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