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N2 Security, also known as PRO@ME, is a secure mobile application for women to protect themselves from harassment and violence.

SOS Alert | Location Tracking | Instant Video Recording

A Secure Companion for Women

N2 Security is an SOS application for women during distress times or in the event of any physical violence. To activate SOS from the app, the user just needs to shout the code word (SOS Alert) and the app immediately notifies the admin who sees a live feed of the incident, including the location history and takes further actions.

Features of N2 Security

Video Recording

The moment the user activates SOS, the mobile camera starts recording the video and the app feeds the video to the emergency center.

Voice Call

The Voice Call feature links the user and the emergency system. The connection activates through the user’s voice commands.

Runs in Background

N2 Security is designed to run in the background without draining the battery. The application even works when the phone is locked.

Custom SOS Code

N2 Security is a language-independent application. Users can set a custom SOS Alert Word that is easy for them to pronounce.

Location Tracking

The admin tracks the live location of the victim once the SOS Alert activates and communicates with the person immediately.

24/7 response

The Emergency Response Center is active all the time. Within seconds of receiving the alert, the admin responds to the user.

How N2 Security/PRO@ME Works?

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Download & Install

Visit the Google Play Store in your Android device or the App Store in your Apple device and download the N2 Security application. Install the app after the download completes.

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Register using Credentials

Enter a username, a valid email address, Date of Birth, mobile number, password, and other basic details. The application will not manipulate the settings in the device.

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Set the Code Word

Go to the Profile and set a custom alert word (that you remember easily) to use in case of emergencies. Give information about emergency contact persons and their numbers.

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Distress Call

When the user activates SOS, the exact location of the user is sent to the team monitoring the system. The application also streams the video live that is being recorded by the mobile.

Security Measures We Undertake

Remote Surveillance

We master in providing remote video surveillance services. With a remote viewing camera, users can view the live feed on a laptop or mobile with internet access from any part of the world.

Continuous Monitoring

We have a dedicated team to monitor our users’ surveillance cams round the clock. In case of any problematic incidents, the respective user gets alert notifications and calls from our team.

Live Location Tracking

If an individual activates a distress signal, our emergency team tracks the exact location of the victim, tries communicating with the victim, and notifies emergency contact persons.

Breach Alert

Our Surveillance System starts alarming when a user’s house or office is breached. Within a few seconds, our response team alerts the user with messages and voice calls.

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