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Learn the secrets of Crypto Arbitrage Trading and maximize your profits with POOLME’s unique algorithms and data analysis tools..

Live Tracking | Automated Bot | Triangular Arbitrage

Professional Arbitrage Pool

POOLME makes returns smooth and simple with direct, triangular, loop, and intra-exchange arbitrage trading. Investors invest funds with us and our automated bot does the trading. The profits are shared among the investors with respect to the amount they have invested. Investors can keep track of their orders and the total profits earned with POOLME.

Features of POOLME

Real-Time Market Data

Our bot trades with the current market price of the coins to maximize the profits and investors get a glimpse on the price of coins.

Trading Volume

POOLME bot takes into account the trading volume while calculating arbitrage that helps to find the maximum profitable exchange.

Live Tracking

POOLME lets the investors view the details linked to their investments, profits gained, as well as the order books in the same section.

Arbitrage Duration

POOLME shows the investors the total time taken to complete each trading and the profit percentage share of each investor.

Triangular Pool

In the event of market loss or imperfections, our bot is programmed to retain the No Loss condition.

Order Book

POOLME members have the option to view the comparison chart of two different exchanges, including the total Bids & Asks.

How POOLME Works?

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The Admin (CEO, CCO, AGENT, or SUB-AGENT) links investors or sub-class participants with the POOLME private community. The participants log into POOLME using the credentials.

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Deposit Funds

Members invest their funds in POOLME through Bank deposit (Fiat Currency), BTC, or ETH. A certain part of the deposited amount is transferred to Fidelity Balance as a security deposit.

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Trading & Profit Chart

Once the funds are deposited, the POOLME bot begins Arbitrage Trading. Members can view the Profit Percentage Chart under the Dashboard, including the Trade History and Fidelity Balance.

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Withdraw Funds

Investors and other participants can withdraw their funds any time excluding the amount in Fidelity Balance. Members can withdraw the ‘Amount in Hold’ after a certain time.

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