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Transform your ideas into businesses with our Proof-of-Concept Development!

Proof-of-Concept Development Services

A Proof-of-Concept is a prototype or MVP(Minimum viable product) that depicts a business idea's feasibility and potential outcome as a real-time application. Every potential project that attempts to hit the real-world application impacts humanity must undergo a POC analysis. However, the industry's POC analysis must be surpassed with a prototype application or MVP with a basic dataset, functionalities, and features. POC's help uplines to demonstrate the business idea to distinct teams.

N2Group is the leading proof-of-concept development company that serves in the crypto and blockchain space for more than a decade. With enriched technological skills, we build your POC's with next-gen technologies. Let's make your ideas into real-world applications!


Our team builds the minimum viable product for your brand new business idea to understand the feasibility and potential hurdles in the process.

Scaling Up

If you have basic infrastructure that needs to be reformed with next-gen technologies, our team helps you with POC development for analyzing the scalability potential

Theoretical Demonstration

Industrial processes that need huge investment requires just a compelling thesis of theoretical demonstration that depicts your POC. We do serve in this aspect.

Benefits of POC Development

Knowledge about the viability at an early stage
Reduces investment losses in trials
Comforts budgeting and fundraising
Attracts potential investors
Clarity of business ideology to third-parties
Effortless scaling up to the real-time application
Earlier forecast to hindrances
Favours crowdfunding

How does POC Development enhance business ideology?

Clarity of Goals

Building a POC prototype enhances the clarity of goals without miscommunication within teams, investors, and the target audience.

Ideology Freeze

The POC development depicts the feasibility of ideology with its functionalities, which makes the teams freeze the requirements further.

Bounty Programs

With POC products, the brands can seek help from experts and the community audience to find potential solutions and bugs with bounty campaigns.

Valuable Feedback

Launch of POC into the market space gains valuable feedback from investors, niche experts, techies, and the end-users for technical & functionality enhancements.

N2Group POC Development Roadmap



Our uplines discuss the requisites to develop your POC, its phases, and other aspects. N2Group business analysts document the requisites and endorse them to proceed further in the development process.



Our team builds a compelling thesis/whitepaper of your ideology to launch the project. Explain your stakeholders with the feasibility proof of your business with the theoretical paper. Enhance the clarity among community peers with this proposal.



N2Group uplines discuss the POC development process based on the gathered requirements and fix the best possible deadlines to deliver the POC software for your ideation.



Our team then converts the thesis into a prototype that helps stakeholders understand the ideology better. The prototype of POC contains architecture, design, sketches, mockups, and basic application.



Minimum Viable Product comprises basic functionalities and features that depict the real-time application with sample data. The MVP can potentially attract your end-users, investors, and community traction.

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