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NexFolio is an automated crypto trading bot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help traders gain maximum profits. Customize the bot according to your specifications and let it trade for you round the clock.

Features of NexFolio

Signal Trading

Our Strategy Engine is developed using numerous algorithms to direct the bot with accurate and profitable trading signals.

Candlestick Patterns

The bot uses more than 50 candlestick patterns to determine upward and downward price trends based on previous patterns.

Fixed Sell

The NexFolio bot provides a fixed sell option through which the users’ cryptos are sold automatically for a fixed profit.

Technical Indicators

We have used more than 40 technical indicators to assist the bot in analyzing market trends and moving averages.


Traders can buy other trading bots listed on the marketplace and also list their own customized bots for other users to buy.

Crypto News

NexFolio users are updated with the latest news and events related to the cryptocurrency market on their personal dashboard.

Benefits of NexFolio

Risk Management

The bot uses strategic and objective trading signals to provide money and risk management services through various features.

Editable Stop-Loss

NexFolio allows the users to edit and change their existing sell amounts even in peak trading hours to prevent huge losses.

Automatic Trading

Users can save more time and money by using the bot that automatically places buy & sell orders with the preset conditions.

Customizable Bot

Traders can customize the NexFolio crypto bot with their preferred trading strategies, depending on the market conditions.

How NexFolio Assists Crypto Traders?


User Registration

A user undergoes a two-step process to create and validate his/her NexFolio account by providing basic details.



NexFolio offers three different plans and a free trial - all with the same features - for the user to choose from.


API Integration

The user then integrates his API keys and Secret keys to give the NexFolio bot access to his Binance account.


Bot Purchase

The user can now purchase the existing crypto bots (different trading strategies) or create a customized one.


Manual Trade

By deciding the coin pair, trade amount, fixed profit & stop loss percentages, the user can trade manually.


Automated Trade

When the bot’s predefined conditions are met and the signals are in favor, the bot executes the buy/sell order.

NexFolio: Automated Crypto Bot

Nexfolio uses artificial intelligence technology to help crypto traders make huge profits with low risks. We have added top-notch features to the bot to make trading a hassle-free experience for you.

AI-powered crypto trading
Profitable trading strategies
Split-screen & Dark/Light modes
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