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GloFi Ecosystem

N2 is transforming how banks and financial institutions are currently operating by implementing GloFi (Global Finance). Our goal is to help banks adapt to the digital transformation with the N2 blockchain platform.

Features of N2

Global Account

A single account that helps to store fiat & cryptos. It is accompanied by a master wallet where you can convert your funds to N2 Coins.

Cross-border Payments

We provide a platform for users to transfer funds to international N2 accounts in the form of N2 Coins at much-reduced exchange rates.

Easy Loans

We offer quick crypto loans for our users. Each user’s credit score is verified using a smart contracts-based credit analysis system.

No Middlemen

We don’t involve any third-party intermediaries between banks and the N2 blockchain platform, and it reduces operational costs too.

Crowdfunding Platform

Our crowdfunding platform helps entrepreneurs to launch their ICOs and get instant investments from trusted investors globally.

Blockchain Securities

Our blockchain banking platform helps banks and financial organizations to efficiently & securely manage their customers’ securities.

Benefits of N2 Blockchain Banking Platform

N2 Coin

The N2 blockchain platform helps banks and financial institutions to provide more opportunities and services to their customers. Further, these organizations can attract new users and stop existing users from migrating to other platforms.

Reduced operational costs
No third-party intermediaries
Securities & assets management
Quick fund transfer & settlement

N2 ICO Pre-Sale

Good news! Round 1 of our N2 ICO is currently live. We have already sold more than 65% of the total pre-sale supply of the N2 Coins. Buy your N2C before it’s too late.

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