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Comprehensive ICO development & launch services!

ICO Development Services

Initial Coin Offering is the best and easiest way to raise funds for a blockchain or crypto project. ICOs have gained traction in the recent years, especially in 2017. Many entrepreneurs and startup companies launched crowdfunding campaigns for their projects, which led to the ICO market reaching 5 billion US dollars. ICOs help companies to showcase their crypto-related ideas and bring in potential investors to fund their projects. In exchange, the investors get a share of the tokens. If you are interested in launching an ICO for your project, make sure that your idea serves a purpose or solves a bigger problem. This way, you could attract more and more investors from all over the world.

Having successfully developed and launched our own ICO, we have keenly understood how to overcome the hurdles in the crypto market. Our teams have a substantial knowledge on the blockchain and crypto domains and when they begin your ICO development process, they do a thorough market research and come up with the optimal solution. Our all-inclusive ICO services package includes ideation, analysis, design (whitepaper, website, dashboard), token creation, launch, and marketing.

ICO Development

We help you with the complete development process and also we take care of the pre-development needs. Starting from requirements analysis, possibility check, website design, whitepaper drafting, and token development, we provide end-to-end development services.

ICO Launch

After the development, we guide you towards taking your ICO live. We make sure that your project is displayed on reputed listings and websites to attract regional and international investors. We also offer custom ICO launch services for previously developed projects.

ICO Marketing

Our suite of marketing services is recognized as one of the best packages globally. We provide diverse services - Press Releases, Social Media, Promotion, Advertising, Referrals, Newsletters, and more - to make your ICO project the most successful one in the market.

ICO Development Services

Laws & Regulations

We make sure that your project follows all regional and international laws (areas where the tokens are developed and deployed). We have a dedicated team of legal advisors to frame a governing structure for your ICO project and deal with legal issues.

Whitepaper Creation

A whitepaper is a crucial part of an ICO project. Our writers, along with our blockchain team, help you to draft your whitepaper that contains each and every single detail of the project to ensure that the investors (and readers) understand what your project is about..

Website & Roadmap Design

We help you with creating a good & planned roadmap to determine the direction of your project. Our designers offer various attractive layouts for you to choose from and also they create an intuitive and informative website to showcase your ICO features.

Token Development & Smart Contracts

You can choose your preferred token standard. After finalizing the technology stack, we commence the token development process. We will also assist you in deciding the number of tokens to be created and the functionalities to be included in smart contracts.

Launch & Listing

After the development phase, we help you taking your project live - launching your ICO and simultaneously carrying out marketing strategies for better reach. And we also provide services to list your tokens on popular crypto exchanges and merchant platforms.


An effective marketing strategy decides the fate of your ICO. Our marketing experts are the best in the industry who strive to promote your project across various communities and social platforms. We also have a dedicated team to process referral programs & bounty campaigns.

Launch your ICO with N2Group

Project Feasibility

After collecting input from you, our team analyzes your idea and comes up with the best possible solution to develop your project.


Starting with whitepaper drafting that showcases the project’s purpose, we continue to design a dynamic website from your ICO.

Pre-ICO Marketing

We carry out rigorous marketing methods to make sure that your ICO reaches the desired target audience prior to launch.

Token Creation

We give you the opportunity to select the token standard of your choice - our blockchain experts are well-versed in all kinds of tokens.

Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet

We develop a highly-secure and user-friendly multi-currency wallet infrastructure to send, receive, and store the crypto tokens.

Post ICO Marketing

After the development, we undertake various marketing activities to attract potential investors to fund your ICO project.

N2 Coin: ICO For Us, By Us

As already stated, we have launched an ICO for our own project called N2 Coin. N2 Coin (aka N2C) is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency that fuels the N2 ecosystem. The N2 ecosystem helps banks and financial institutions transform their existing services to a more secure, operational, and effective system. It also helps individuals and businesses to carry out both banking and crypto services in one place.

Advantages of Initial Coin Offering

Crypto Development
  • Open to Public
    Unlike and IPO, any individual or business across the globe can participate in an ICO, despite the location and net worth.
  • No Intermediaries
    Users can buy the tokens directly from the respective ICO as soon as they are developed and launched in the market.
  • Early Stage-Low Price
    In any ICO, early stage investors (initial buyers) get the opportunity to buy the tokens at a comparatively low price.
  • Decentralization
    Since ICOs are backed by blockchain technology, investors and other people can know the status of the project any time.

6 Reasons to Choose N2Group to Launch your ICO


Comprehensive Services

We provide you the best all-inclusive ICO development package - ideation, design, development, launch, and marketing.


Skilled Community

Our people are filled with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


24*7 Support

You can connect with our professionals anytime from anywhere who will ensure that your issues are resolved at the earliest.


Dedicated Team

You can hire our dedicated crypto coin development team of experts who will work only for you until your project is complete.



At any point, you can upgrade your business model with the preferred customization and enhance your business growth.


Rich Security

We have equipped extremely high-security protocols to protect your project from unauthorized access or malware attack.

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