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Enhance your crypto transactions with our top-notch cryptocurrency wallet development services

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Cryptocurrency Wallet is an application that allows crypto owners to trade and manage their crypto portfolio. The crypto transactions are recorded and validated through the native blockchain platform. When the crypto transaction happens, the user legally signs-off the ownership to the recipient. High demand for cryptocurrencies attracts hackers to break the walls of wallet applications. Hence, it's mandated to use a crypto wallet application with top-notch features and advanced functionalities.

N2Group build a cryptocurrency wallet application of your choice with advanced features in the market space. Our team has years of experience building a highly encrypted exchange, multi-currency, Defi, custodial, non-custodial, merchant, hot, and cold wallets with elegant customizations based on the crypto user's need. Let's connect to build the customized crypto wallet of your choice!

Custodial Crypto Wallet Development

If you are building a customized crypto wallet for your business, then custodial cryptocurrency wallets are your fruit. Our developers build and maintain the best custodial crypto wallets for your POS with high-end security features.

Non-custodial Crypto Wallet Development

Professional traders with multiple crypto assets in the portfolio desires independent Defi wallets. Our team builds a non-custodial crypto wallet that is easily manageable by the crypto traders without the need for technical expertise.

Exchange Wallet Development

Exchanges need to establish highly secured and feature-rich multi-currency wallets for their community. N2Group deliver gilt-edged cryptocurrency exchange wallets for your users that render reliable and resistant to potential hacks.

What Crypto Wallet Development Services do we offer?

Multi-Currency Wallet

Traders and exchanges' choice of wallet application must support multiple cryptocurrencies that can be managed effectively at a single-destination. For these purposes, we build multi-currency wallets to meet your needs.

Coin-Specific Wallet

Brands are stepping into the launch of native crypto coins for rewarding potential community audience. Coin-specific wallet applications are suited the most for your needs, and our developers craft these wallets with care for your brand.

Hot Wallet

The immense need for online crypto transactions and handy experience makes the demand for hot wallets among users. Depending on your requirement, we build crypto wallets that are compatible with mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Cold Wallet

Crypto investors with potential assets must store them in cold wallets to avoid potential hacks. Our developers build easily accessible hardware and paper wallets to store your crypto coins with military-grade security.

Defi Wallet

Leverage public and private keys ownership without the intervention of third-parties or server teams with our Defi wallets. Protect your crypto assets from the prying eyes and counterfeit attacks with our decentralized wallet services.

Centralized Wallet

Exchanges and other crypto service providers prefer centralized wallets that are managed by their teams. Our team builds top-notch centralized wallets that are highly secured with the whitelist wallet addresses.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Wallet Application

Instant International Transactions
P2P Transactions
Devoid of Federal Interventions
Denial of Duplicate or Fraudulent Transactions

Why Crypto Wallets for the next-gen business model?

Instant Transactions

Unlike fiat transactions, crypto transactions are quick and secure. International payments can be made effortlessly with crypto wallet apps.


Every crypto transaction is validated by the blockchain network's miner nodes, which makes it more secure than traditional payment transactions.


Crypto wallets help businesses completely cut off the transaction costs and ample processing time incurred by centralized banking systems.

Global Acceptance

Despite federations, cryptocurrencies are accepted globally. This promotes seamless consumer transactions worldwide without the need for currency transfers.

How does Crypto Wallet Development help businesses?

Crypto Wallet Development
  • Next-Gen Business Value
    Adapting crypto wallet in your POS upgrades & helps your business enter into a next-gen business model with true values for users.
  • Encrypted
    The miners monitor crypto transactions round the clock, which reduces the fraudulent activities and hacks in your crypto wallet, making your assets safe.
  • Intuitive Process
    The intuitive crypto transactions process helps users with cross-border transactions within a few clicks in the crypto wallet application.
  • Transparency
    Crypto transactions are transparent across the blockchain network. Hence, the miners can easily trace back to the source of a transaction to avoid fraudulent activities.
  • Inflation-Free Asset
    The controlled volume of cryptocurrency promotes the high demand for the community audiences' assets, which makes it sustainable for businesses.

Core Features of our Cryptocurrency Wallet Application

  • Elegant User-Interface
    Crypto market space is volatile, and hence it's mandated to complete your transactions without hindrances. Hence, we design elegant UI for your wallets.
  • Multi-Currency
    The growing market space and demand for cryptocurrencies promote circulation, and hence our wallet supports multiple currencies based on your needs.
  • KYC Verification
    The crypto community looks for legitimate users, and hence to enhance the authenticity, we add-on an instant KYC verification feature based on the geological compliances.
  • OTC Trading
    Cryptocurrency transactions are peer-to-peer, which promotes security, privacy, and dispute-free payments with crypto wallets.
  • Military-Grade Security
    Our crypto-wallet applications are encrypted with high-end security features, push notifications, and other advanced options to protect your crypto assets.
  • Easy Portfolio Management
    Crypto users can easily manage and monitor the market values for their multiple assets with our crypto wallets effortlessly.
Crypto Wallet Application

Advanced Features of our Cryptocurrency Wallet Application

Home-Screen Personalization

Crypto users can customize our crypto wallet application home screen with the desired range of crypto transactions and lists to perform quick transactions.

Transactions with Credit Card

Our developers build a crypto wallet that enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with international credit cards.

Auto-Denial of Duplicate Transactions

We develop crypto wallets that auto-deny the duplicate payments sent to the same public address within a specific timeframe at the codebase level.

Tap & Transact

You can enjoy the tap and transact with our advanced cryptocurrency wallets by leveraging the NFC feature.

QR Code Scanner

The consumers have now shifted to digital payments. This makes us include a QR code scanner in our crypto wallets to enrich merchants' user experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We believe in attracting a huge consumer base, and hence our crypto wallet applications are built with cross-platform compatibility.

N2Group Crypto Wallet Apps Development Roadmap



Our Sales lead gathers your requisites and current payment transaction systems to render the best possible crypto wallet solution.


Picking the technology base

We pick the appropriate existing blockchain platform of your choice to build the crypto wallet that can offer a bundle of features.



Our technical experts commence the plan of the development with proper phases and potential risks. We provide the best possible deadlines for your wallet.


Nurturing from roots

Our blockchain developers do possess years of hands-on to build your wallet from scratch to feature-rich advanced applications.


Upgrading from open-source network

If you're striving to reform your existing crypto wallet app, our team does it by adding values, backup, and trending features.


Elegant User-interface

We help you transact your crypto assets with elegant user-interface applications to render a handy experience.


Audit & Fixes

Test engineers spy on the developed crypto wallet for modules, functionalities, security features and generate a report of bugs, vulnerabilities.



Once our crypto wallet development is complete, we offer a demo with entire functionality, features & then support in launching the crypto wallet for use.


Round the clock support & update

Any product would raise real-time technical snags on launching for vast community usage; hence, our team supports you from the backend round the clock!

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