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Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocurrencies (aka digital currencies or crypto coins) are not the same as they used to be 5 years ago. They are - especially bitcoin - considered as a strong replacement for fiat money. Major banks and financial organizations across the world are racing to adopt crypto-related services. Since crypto transactions are quicker and more secure, people use them for day-to-day transactions, bill payments, and shopping on a larger scale. There are more than 1300 well-known cryptocurrencies globally. And, many banks and industry giants are planning to launch their own coin - which acts as reliable proof that digital currencies will have play a vital role shortly.

With over 4 years of expertise in the cryptocurrency domain, N2Group has delivered comprehensive crypto services - planning, development, and marketing - to businesses and individuals across diverse industries. We help you develop your own cryptocurrency (or token) with features and scope preferred by you and an own blockchain platform as well. Our strategic coin development process helps you enhance your business growth effectively.

Custom Coin Development

We help you develop a crypto coin of your choice - features, supply, price, and everything is decided by you. Our experts will guide you through the ideation and planning stages to ensure that we both are on the same page.

Stablecoin Development

Stablecoins are known to withstand the fluctuating monetary market. You can help businesses to speed up their financial processes by creating a powerful fiat-backed, commodity-backed, crypto-backed, or non-collateralized stablecoin.

Token Development

We provide end-to-end token development services to direct you with the right strategies to build your own token - security, equity, or utility tokens. We also help you to choose the best blockchain platform for your crypto tokens.

Our Suite of Crypto-related Services

Crypto Exchange Development

Building a reliable, secure, and robust crypto exchange platform is relatively easy with our experts on your side. We help you - right from ideation, planning, MVP, development, testing, marketing, and management - throughout the exchange development process.

Crypto Wallet Development

Create a user-friendly, effective, and highly-secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet by hiring our dedicated wallet development team. Be it a desktop wallet, a web wallet, or a mobile wallet, our team helps you build a dynamic wallet equipped with trending and top-notch features.

ICO Development

Our all-inclusive ICO services package planning, conceptualization, whitepaper & website development, token or coin creation, smart contracts development, launch, exchange listing, and marketing - help you launch an effective crowdfunding campaign.


Benefits of Cryptocurrency Transactions

User Autonomy
Peer-to-Peer Focus
No Intermediaries
User Discretion
Cross-Border Transactions
Low transaction Fees
Mobile Payments
Instant Settlements

Blockchain Development

Dedicated Blockchain for Coins

We develop a new blockchain platform from scratch to back your cryptocurrency. We follow a no-forking methodology. Our team of blockchain experts has in-depth knowledge in choosing the right consensus protocol, designing the internal architecture, and creating the best feasible approach for developing your coin.

Shared Blockchain for Tokens

We deploy the best possible strategy to develop your tokens, and we guide you to choose the right blockchain platform. You can also decide what standard to follow and the functionalities such as balance, total supply, and price. In case you wish to move to your own blockchain, we also help you with cross-chain communication.

Advantages in Developing your Own Cryptocurrency

Crypto Development
  • Financial Flexibility
    Cryptos can’t be tracked. This gives you the advantage of customizing your currency according to the business requirements and other needs.
  • Customer Base
    With your own crypto, you can provide more opportunities to your customers through your existing business and increase the user base.
  • Crowdfunding
    Having your own cryptocurrency helps you to reach potential clients and investors who would be much more interested in your project.
  • Huge Savings
    With no intermediaries in the middle, you escape huge transaction fees by sending and receiving payments through your own cryptocurrency.

6 Reasons to Choose N2Group to Develop Your Cryptocurrency


Comprehensive Services Package

We help you with the end-to-end coin development process - planning, ICO, design, development, launch, and marketing.


Skilled Community

Our people are filled with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


24*7 Support

You can connect with our professionals anytime from anywhere who will ensure that your issues are resolved at the earliest.


Dedicated Team

You can hire our dedicated crypto coin development team of experts who will work only for you until your project is complete.



At any point, you can upgrade your business model with the preferred customization and enhance your business growth.


Rich Security

We have equipped extremely high-security protocols to protect your project from unauthorized access or malware attack.

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