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Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions

Facilitating the Supply Chain and Logistics management blockchain infrastructure

Blockchain Supply Chain Management Application Development

Supply Chain is the system of entities, activities, people, resources, and information involved in the flow of a product or service from the manufacturer to the consumer. Though the overview of the supply chain looks more straightforward, the supply chain process is intricate. It involves lots of participants and information sharing. Since there are more parties involved, the supply chain industries are open to numerous challenges.

N2Group overcomes the aforementioned challenges to revamp the traditional supply chain and logistics businesses with blockchain technology. We develop custom blockchain applications on various platforms and make your supply chain management business more effective, secure, and transparent.

Digitized Supply Chain Records
Transparency in Product Traversing
Efficient Supply Chain Management
Automated Quality Inspection

Current Inefficiencies in the Supply Chain System

Huge Paperwork

The traditional supply chain management involves huge paperwork in the product traversing and becomes cumbersome when it comes to international transactions.

Lack of Technology Support

The supply chain management lags in technology evolution, which makes it difficult to traceback and automation processes.

Lack of Transparency

Albeit the traceability of goods in the modern e-commerce and product outlet applications, they lack transparency in source materials.

Enhancements with Blockchain in the Supply Chain Sector

Digitized Records

Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions paves the way for digitized product traversing records, which enhances global accessibility.

Automated Quality Inspection

The supply chain management can be enriched with the automated quality inspection with the implementation of blockchain smart contract protocols.

Devoid of Counterfeit Goods

The transparency in the product traversing of blockchain supply chain applications can avoid counterfeit activities and imperfect goods.

Benefits of Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions

Decentralized Product Supply Chain Data
Consensus Quality Compliances
Verified Products
Transparency in Product Traversing
Efficient Supply Chain Management
Globalized Accessibility
Devoid of Counterfeit Activities
Integrity of Industries

Next-gen Applications of Blockchain in Supply Chain Solutions

Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions
  • Decentralized Records
    Blockchain supply chain applications manage the product traversing data in the decentralized network, enhancing real-time traceability and accessibility.
  • Efficient Product Traversing
    The decentralized, immutable, and chronological infrastructure of blockchain technology enhances efficient supply chain management.
  • Transparency in Quality Compliances
    The consensus governance and transparency in the blockchain supply chain applications can enrich quality compliance to end-users.
  • IOT Enriched Supply Chain
    Implementation of IoT sensors with supply chain products enhances the real-time traceability and decentralized real-time traversing data to network peers.
  • Efficient Traceability
    Blockchain supply chain management software records the product transactions right from the source; hence even the end-users can track the goods from the source.

How N2Group build Blockchain Supply Chain Applications?

Deciding the Technology Base
Developing the Solution from Scratch
Upgrading the Existing Process
Audit & Fixes
Consumer Support
Updates According to Market Needs

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