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Blockchain Real Estate Solutions

Reform your real estate application with next-gen blockchain technology features!

Blockchain Real Estate Application Development

Real Estate is a trillion-dollar market. Storing records of the users and other data is still a difficult task, and that’s the reason for incorporating real estate and blockchain. It is one-hundred percent sure that the blockchain real estate market can create new business models that connect the sellers with potential buyers. For instance, it becomes effortless to visualize how all sorts of properties are liquified, tokenized, and traded with many stocks on exchanges. This blockchain instance also regulates transaction time; therefore, sellers can easily find their sell shares of properties. It is more than likely that the entire real estate industry will profit from this shift by reducing the entry barrier to real estate investiture.

The team at N2Group aims at facilitating the massive real estate sector with innovative ideas. We help companies to design a decentralized platform that offers high-speed transactions at lower costs.

Cross-Border Payments
Smart Contracts
History of Transactions
Verified Property Listing & Transfers

Current Inefficiencies in the Real Estate

Lack of Transparency

Due to the fragmented structure of the existing real-estate management, there exists a lack of transparency.

Centralized System

A single authority controls and manages multiple streams of data and information for real estate transactions and validation.

Cumbersome Paperwork

Real Estate Management and Services still rely on outdated and bulky paperwork for processing assets.

Enhancements with Blockchain in the Real Estate Sector

Digitized Transactions

Blockchain enables the digitization of assets, information, and processes linked to real estate transactions.

Devoid of Intermediaries

Eliminate brokers and mediators who charge unreasonable fees for services rendered on the blockchain.

Accessibility of Data

Avail easy and instantaneous access to any real estate data across the globe made available on the blockchain.

Benefits of Blockchain Real Estate Solutions

Simplified Property Transfers
Secured Transactions
P2P Transfers
Smart Contracts
Accessibility to Property Ownership Data
Legitimate Taxation Benefits
Property Pricing as per Compliances
Decentralized Property Data

Next-gen Applications of Blockchain in Real Estate Solutions

Blockchain Real-Estate Solutions
  • Community Governance
    Avail exceptional community governance and building on the blockchain with an array of exclusive features for security and traceability.
  • Instant Access to Property Data
    Possess the ability to access reliable property data in an instant to make informed and educated decisions in your real estate investments.
  • Tokenization
    Secure smooth and efficient management of Real Estate assets and streamline transactions via Tokenization of assets.
  • Globalized Property Listing
    List your property for sale on global markets via blockchain. Experience international investments with blockchain-enabled Real Estate.
  • Legitimate Taxation Revenue
    Simplify revenue management and tax payments via smart contract automation in blockchain-powered real estate.

How N2Group build Blockchain Real Estate Applications?

Deciding the Technology Base
Developing the Solution from Scratch
Upgrading the Existing Process
Audit & Fixes
Consumer Support
Updates According to Market Needs

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