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Blockchain Financial Solutions

Transforming financial systems with a focus on making a decentralized authority!

Blockchain Financial Application Development

The Finance industry is overgrowing, as every domain in businesses across the globe deals with currencies. Financial institutions are deploying various methods to reduce paperwork and transaction costs, to avoid data loss. Implementing blockchain technology in finance industries renders an efficient, secure, and faster ecosystem. Blockchain is a distributed public ledger that contains detailed data about all the transactions in a network. The ledger is accessible to every member. The database is cryptographically secured to prevent fraud and establish a connection between the current and past transactions.

N2Group is a multiservice company that provides smart, safe, & user-friendly blockchain solutions for all finance-oriented enterprises. Let’s make our financial transactions simple, secure, quick, and efficient with transparency and decentralization!

Cross-Border Transactions
Decentralized Governance
Instant Loan Approvals
Multi-Currency Transactions

Current Inefficiencies in the Fintech System

Lack of Transparency

The centralized financial system lacks transparency in transactions, loan approvals, reconciliation, compliances, and other processes.

Centralized System

The conventional fintech sector maintains huge data in centralized servers prone to hacks, data thefts, and single-point failures.

Ample Processing

The closed financial system results in a huge workforce, ample time, intermediaries, and much more inefficiencies with the cumbersome processes.

Enhancements with Blockchain in the Fintech Sector

Digitized Transactions

Blockchain financial solutions enable digitized transactions and a process accessible around the clock without any hindrance and complete reliability.

Credits-Based Loyalties

The legitimate account holders with frequent and potential transactions can be rewarded with credit points that help instant loan approvals.

Devoid of Fraudulent Activities

Blockchain fintech solutions enable community governance with consensus norms like standard transaction costs, transaction verification, loan & deposit compliances.

Benefits of Blockchain Fintech Solutions

Top-Notch Security
Decentralized Governance
Anti-money Laundering Infrastructure
Consensus Governance
Verified Transactions
Transparency in Compliances
Easy Reconciliation
Globalized POS

Next-gen Applications of Blockchain in Financial Solutions

Blockchain Finance Solutions
  • Decentralized Governance
    Blockchain-powered financial systems enrich the feasibility of decentralized governance with less workforce.
  • Simplified Processes
    The community governance round the clock from distinct geolocations in blockchain financial applications simplifies the transaction and loan approvals in the sector.
  • Transparency in Norms
    The decentralized fintech applications enhance the transparency and accessibility of norms by the public, which reduces the workforce's efforts.
  • Easy Reconciliation
    The blockchain financial applications add only verified transactions to the network, which simplifies the year-end reconciliation processes.
  • Multi-Currency POS
    The fintech DApps allows multiple payment options in the POS transaction despite the geolocations and norms.

How N2Group build Blockchain Financial Applications?

Deciding the Technology Base
Developing the Solution from Scratch
Upgrading the Existing Process
Audit & Fixes
Consumer Support
Updates According to Market Needs

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