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Let’s enrich the e-commerce sector with blockchain decentralized infrastructure!

Blockchain E-Commerce Application Development

With blockchain approaching the economy’s primary industries, many companies are starting to research the possible use-cases of this futuristic technology, significantly how it can facilitate the e-commerce industries. Every time a product is bought or sold, there exists a set of transactions, and these transactions are secured with the aid of this tech. E-commerce businesses powered by blockchain will help establish a decentralized network where participants can perform transactions for products or services without risks. N2Group assists e-commerce enterprises with innovative ideas to incorporate this promising technology into their businesses.

Cross-Border Payments
Automated Quality Inspection
Legitimate Loyalty Program
Transparent Supply Chain Management

Current Inefficiencies in the E-commerce System

Lack of Transparency

Lack of transparency leads to loss of purchasing power and losses due to low product deals and offers on traditional E-commerce platforms.

Data Thefts & Security Breaches

Traditional E-commerce platforms lack the security required to protect and safeguard customer’s personal and financial data.

Huge Workforce

E-commerce businesses are forced to deploy an unmanageable workforce due to the lack of efficient automation tools.

Enhancements with Blockchain in the E-Commerce Sector

Efficient Traceability

Unlock real-time traceability in payments and product delivery via blockchain-enabled E-commerce platforms.

Distributed Data

Distributed Data enables multiple supply chain entities to have a clear insight into the information linked to the product, user, and delivery.

Automated Quality Inspection

E-commerce deployed on blockchains is empowered by automatic quality control powered by nodes that validate supply chains’ products.

Benefits of Blockchain E-Commerce Solutions

Simplified Order Processing
Secured Transactions
Smart Contracts Quality Inspection
Cryptocurrency Adaptability
Verified Stakeholders
Prevents Single-Point Failure System
Devoid of Data Breaches and Potential Hacks
Avoids Disputes and False Chargebacks

Next-gen Applications of Blockchain in E-Commerce Applications

Blockchain E-commerce Solutions
  • Decentralized Governance
    Decentralized management of multiple E-Commerce groups such as manufacturers, logistics, and delivery companies leads to improved efficiency.
  • Efficient Supply Chain Management
    Blockchain benefits such as immutability, quality control, authentication, and consensus systems pave the way for the efficient supply chain management.
  • Transparent Rewarding System
    Entities and members of the blockchain can be transparently & promptly rewarded for their best efforts along the supply chain.
  • Smart Contracts Based Inspection
    Experience automated quality inspection in blockchain-powered supply chains powered via Smart Contracts for superior quality.
  • Privacy in Consumers Data
    Blockchain offers real-time privacy to consumers via features such as Data Masking and End-to-End Cryptographic Encryption.

How N2Group build Blockchain E-Commerce Applications?

Deciding the Technology Base
Developing the Solution from Scratch
Upgrading the Existing Process
Audit & Fixes
Consumer Support
Updates According to Market Needs

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