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Uplift your next-gen business model with our blockchain development solutions.

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Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology that records data in a series of blocks with the timestamp. Every block comprises pre-hash, hash, nounce, and data values. The values in the blockchain are converted into alphanumeric phrases with cryptographic algorithms making it a tamper-proof network. The infrastructure of the blockchain network makes the data transparent, immutable, decentralized, secured across the network nodes.

N2Group have led successful blockchain development projects worldwide with top-notch features and advanced functionalities. Our team is committed to flawless quality, elegant designs, and complete tech support for our valuable clients. We develop blockchain solutions for enterprises, industries, and ecosystems.

Public blockchain

Showcase your legitimate process to your network peers with our open-source public blockchain solutions. Govern your business with consensus goals and transparency!

Private blockchain

Restrict your sensitive consumers’ data within the organization with permissioned private blockchain networks. Invite participants and miner nodes based on your choice!

Consortium blockchain

Experience the delight of transparency & privacy with a semi-decentralized consortium blockchain network. Authenticate the limited miner nodes for your ecosystem!

What Blockchain Development Services do we offer?

Building a Blockchain network

N2Group developers love to build a blockchain platform from scratch to blocks and then to network. We carve your desired type of blockchain from square one to the complete network that is ready-to-hit the world.

Developing Blockchain Applications

Every enterprise is fond of globalizing its business with blockchain applications. Our developers do serve you in building decentralized blockchain applications(DApps) to scale up your business in the global market.

Rendering Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain has hit hard and has rejuvenated the processes in various industries. If you are running a complete industrial ecosystem, you can now govern the business with consensus governance by leveraging our customized blockchain solutions.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Distributed network
Rapid processing

Why Blockchain for the next-gen business model?

Shared network

Blockchain is the distributed ledger system that scatters data among network peers. This improves single-point failures and data hacks.


The technology offers customization features according to business needs. Hence, enterprises can choose the privileges from the public, private, and consortium types.


The cryptographic algorithms, immutability, and distributed data make blockchain resistible from malicious attacks and data thefts.


Blockchain tech supports in reducing the operational cost with a reduced workforce, consensus goals, easy reconciliation process, and round the clock business.

How does Blockchain Development help businesses?

Blockchain Development Company
  • Value for business
    Tech evolution pushes businesses to render true values for their consumers. Blockchain does it effortlessly with transparency.
  • Efficient processes
    Developing a blockchain network for business renders excellent integrity and swift processing of transactions with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Secure
    Cryptographic hashing defends the data hacks for your business network and you could be saved from potential asset losses.
  • Reliability
    The decentralized, impenetrable nature of the blockchain network makes it available round the clock despite vulnerabilities at a particular network node.
  • Intuitive process
    The consensus business guidelines of the blockchain network make it easy to manage by the miner nodes. Hence, reconciling network data becomes effortless and quick.

N2Group Blockchain Development Roadmap



Our business development team connects with you to understand the requirements and gets approval.


Picking the technology base

Business analysts discuss with the technical team and client to finalize the best-suited backend technology.



The teams foresee the technical requirements, hindrances in the development process, and discuss with BA’s to set the deadlines for every phase.


Nurturing from roots

Our developers can carve out the customized blockchain framework from scratch as per your business needs without leveraging the open-source libraries.


Upgrading from open-source network

Some businesses keep their blockchain development simple by utilizing the open-source blockchain network. We do master in upgrading from existing networks.


Elegant User-interface

Users love to glide through the application user-interface with no hurdles. So, we design an intuitive, elegant user-interface for your blockchain platform.


Audit & Fixes

Our quality assurance engineers audit the developed blockchain framework in every nook and corner for bugs with regression testing, followed by appropriate fixes.



N2Group proudly presents the developed blockchain framework to you and helps you launch the platform for the community to use.


Round the clock support & update

Our team supports you after the launch of the blockchain platform as we understand it's hard to manage initially in real-time. We stand by you to upgrade with market trends.

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