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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

N2 Group converge to the privacy policy of the users who visit our website. This page provides you with a clear vision of data collection, usage, disclosure of the visitors by the company and its associates. We’re concerned about our privacy, so we value our website users’ privacy too!

The privacy policy of N2 conveys the fact that by utilizing our website and services, you are liable to provide information and access to collect the data for the manipulation processes. Our company’s privacy policy is stable and would update our visitors in case of changes!

Usage policies of information gathered

When you enter a website, knowingly or unknowingly, the backend team collects your data to enhance their services. Here’re the visitors’ data that we collect to improve our services!

Personal Information

N2 Group aggregates the visitor’s information to contact or identify the interests of users with analytics. Here’s the list of data that will be requested by N2 Group from visitors:

Usage Information

Our website collects data regarding your IP(Internet Protocol) address, browser specifications, pages scrolled, visited time, time spent, and other similar data when you browse. The usage data is collected to manipulate our user analytics and optimization needs.

Tracking & Cookies Information

N2 Group site renders you with a wide range of cookies to provide better service from our end. Our website uses sessions, security, and preferential cookies. You can disable cookies whenever required if felt irrelevant.

How we use the collected information about visitors?

Our team utilizes your collected data at various levels of processes. Here’re some of the significant processes at which your data circulates:

Data Transfer Policies

N2 Group do not transfer visitors’ valuable information without consent. We abide by the data protection laws of the federation, and hence, our team takes immense care in securely processing the visitors’ data.

Data Disclosure

We care for your information, and disclosing our visitors’ information is highly undesirable for us.

Our privacy policy is liable to disclose your information under certain circumstances like:

third-party site privacy policies too, as we have no control over their terms & conditions.

If there are any changes in the privacy policy of our site, you will get notifications and updates on this page. For further queries on our privacy policies, contact us!