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A progressive enterprise-grade blockchain ecosystem to upgrade your business

Our All-encompassing Blockchain Solutions

With meticulous research and development, N2Group has developed progressive solutions based on blockchain. We pave the way for you to rev up your ROI, make your business flow transparent, and shield it from unauthorized access.

Our Services

We are loaded with a multitude of services lined up to make sure we have everything needed to enhance your business.

Enterprise Blockchain

We provide enterprise-grade blockchain development services for organizations that want to upgrade their business flow.

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Crypto Exchange Development

We help you build a robust and innovative crypto exchange platform with top-notch features that connects global traders.

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Crypto Wallet Development

We help business organizations develop a secure and convenient multi-cryptocurrency wallet with the necessary tweaks.

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Crypto Payment Gateway

Build an efficient and user-friendly crypto payment gateway to offer a smooth experience for customers and merchants.

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Smart Contract Development

We develop blockchain-based smart contracts for organizations to automate their operations and increase their output.

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POC Development

Our blockchain-based POC development services help businesses develop a real-time replica of the original product.

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Our Cryptocurrency Services

Crypto Development

We help businesses and individuals with all types of crypto development services - crypto coin, multi-cryptocurrency wallet, and crypto exchange platform development. Our blockchain experts provide end-to-end services - planning to marketing - to ensure that your project becomes successful.

ICO Development

Whether you need to develop and launch an ICO from scratch or need to avail of ICO launch services, our experts are ready to provide you with the best all-in-one ICO services package. We also assist you in choosing the right token standards and a successful marketing strategy to promote your project.

Crypto ATM Software

We provide you the perfect crypto ATM software solution that will help your customers to withdraw fiat money by exchanging their cryptocurrencies anytime they need. Our blockchain experts craft the software according to your requirements.


Our Solutions

Our suite of blockchain solutions helps individuals build a stable business platform, and business owners upgrade their current model.

Blockchain in Financial Sector

We help banks & financial industries to facilitate cross-border transactions and employ digital identity verification through blockchain.

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Blockchain in Healthcare Sector

We have the right solution to build a healthcare ecosystem that connects global patients & doctors and regulates the medical supply chain.

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Blockchain in Real Estate Sector

We help you develop a blockchain-based real estate platform that boosts international property purchases and cuts intermediaries.

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Blockchain in E-Commerce Sector

Our blockchain solutions help e-commerce businesses to deploy a transparent supply chain and balance their supply-demand efficiently.

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Blockchain in Education Sector

We help educational institutions to upgrade their current record-keeping system and provide an interactive student-teacher platform.

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Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Our blockchain solutions help logistics businesses manage their supply chain more efficiently with increased transparency & traceability.

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